We envision

a world where access to education is lifelong and universal,
where diverse neighbors live, work, and celebrate together in sustainable communities,
a world where justice and cooperation guide all institutions,
where consensus is tirelessly sought and conflict is managed and resolved peacefully

lifelong and universal education
The Better World Family is driven by the idea that through education we can improve ourselves as individuals. This will allow us to live better lives and to better serve humanity. We work actively to ensure that everyone has access to education and we encourage people of all ages to actively teach and be taught.
diverse neighbors
There is great value in the many different cultures that make up our communities and our world. Multiculturalism is a source of strength and resilience. Open and respectful communication between people of diverse backgrounds is a powerful and innovative tool for developing sollutions to a wide range of global challenges.
sustainable communities
In order to develop a sustainable world system we must focus our attention on sollutions that improve our quality of life without disturbing the ecological balance of our natural environment. We work actively to protrect and restore our natural environment while developing and implementing innovative and time tested sollutions to common problems throughout the world. Remember, sustainabilty starts with you and you must make changes today to minimize your negative impact. 
social justice
Our commitment to and defense of universal human rights is tireless. Unjust social arrangements are unsustainable and are inherently volatile.  Extreme disparity threatens peace and damages our world. We invest in and promote economic enterprise that is free from exploitation. We work actively to provide people with information about how their lifestyle impacts society.

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global cooperation
Throughout the world people are coming face to face with simmilar problems and challenges. These challenges unite the people of the world through the compelling reality of a shared future. In order to ensure that we are able to 1) end profit driven destruction of the environment and curb the climate change it has caused and 2) reconstruct a collapsing economic and social order in a way that is of the people, by the people, and for the people, we must work together cooperatively. 
consensus building and conflict resolution
Peace is not the absence of war. Peace is an active process that is based on the pursuit of consensus at the local planning level and a robust and representative system to resolve conflict at all levels, from the interpersonal to the international in a way that never includes violent, destructive behavior. With outside the box thinking and patient forgiveness we work to develop and implement  constructive sollutions in the most difficult of situations.